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Orbita Expedites Conversational AI Development With No-Code Prototyping For Voice And Chat Bot Applications
Voice UX designers use Orbita Prototype to create, test, measure, and iterate on conversational dialogues

BOSTON, Jan. 15, 2019 -- Orbita, Inc., which provides the only enterprise-grade platform for powering secure voice and chatbot applications in healthcare, today unveils a new tool that enables designers to quickly develop a "rough draft" conversational dialogue and then make it available to key stakeholders for testing, measurement, and iteration. The approach is comparable to the use of wireframe designs for websites and mobile apps.

Orbita Prototype enables rapid creation and fine-tuning of conversational dialogues without requiring any coding. The company created this first-of-its-kind technology to help teams overcome the numerous bottlenecks experienced in the rapidly emerging realm of voice application development. 

According to Orbita CEO Bill Rogers, "Very few, if any, out-of-the-box tools exist for voice UX designers to quickly create conversational dialogues, let alone efficiently iterate on them with real-time review and revision by product owners, testers and end-users. With Orbita Prototype, teams can quickly identify and address areas of friction within the UX", Rogers stated. 

"Orbita Prototype changes the landscape by bridging gaps between all involved in the process of bringing a voice experience to fruition," Rogers explained. "Using Orbita Prototype's web-based interface, team members can make real-time adjustments to baseline dialogues, test these adjustments with integrated play-back features, and measure the impact of these changes. Precious time is saved." 

In the absence of prototyping, product owners must rely on written scripts and typically receive little or no feedback until the actual dialogue is heard or seen, usually late in the development process. With Orbita Prototype, product owners can get answers to question such as "What will a user say in response to a prompt?" "Will the bot's response make sense?" or "Is the dialogue too long?" The tool provides quantifiable answers to inform decision-making.

Orbita Prototype brings a new level of functionality to Orbita Voice™, the leading platform for designing, building, managing and optimizing HIPAA-compliant, AI-driven voice and chatbot applications across omnichannel environments, including voice assistant devices from Amazon and Google as well as custom-built devices and web- and mobile-based chat bots. Orbita-powered voice solutions address compelling needs to improve consumer engagement, optimize call center operations, automate in-facility operations, enhance remote patient monitoring, virtualize clinical trials, improve sales efficiency and more.

NOTE:  Orbita unveils its new offering at the Alexa Conference, January 15 to-17 in Chattanooga where more than 600 executives, developers, strategists and entrepreneurs will explore how great voice experiences are conceived and created. On Tuesday, January 14, Orbita President Nathan Treloar will present: a.) "How Voice Assistants are Reshaping Healthcare," an 11:45 am to 12:30 pm panel; and b.) "Alexa in Healthcare: 6 Real Applications from Past, Present, and Future," a feature session from 2:45 to 3 pm. Attendees are encouraged to talk with Orbita executives and see Orbita demos by visiting booth 211B in the exhibit hall featuring the Alexa World Fair.

About Orbita
Orbita provides the gold-standard enterprise platform for healthcare organizations to securely design, build, manage and optimize AI-driven voice and chatbot applications. Organizations use Orbita Voice™ to create HIPAA-compliant, omnichannel solutions that dramatically improve user experience and engagement across consumer, business and clinical applications including care management, clinical trials, member wellness, customer service, and more. Orbita is used by today's leading digital health innovators, including Amgen, Brigham and Women's, Mayo Clinic, Merck and Pillo Health.,, +1 617-804-5550

For further information: Beth Strohbusch, Orbita SVP, or 414-213-8818