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Capstone’s Bestselling You Choose Adventure Books for Families Now Available on Amazon Alexa

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Jan. 16, 2019 – Capstone, innovative publisher of children’s educational content for home and schools, is working with Amazon Alexa to offer its popular, bestselling You Choose Books on Alexa-enabled devices. The project launches with a library of 50 You Choose Adventures titles for ages 8-12, grouped into 12 story bundles, from Global Discovery and Space Exploration, to Extreme Sports and Epic History. With an increasing demand for safe children’s content on Alexa, families will enjoy interactive audio storytelling with reader-favorite stories such as The Oregon Trail or The Race to the Moon.

In keeping with the spirit of the reader-driven You Choose format, which features suspenseful action with multiple story paths to keep children reading, Alexa users will decide outcomes from among several different paths inside each story. The 12 story categories represent the best in immersive, educational storytelling with an interactive, audio-only experience.

“Capstone teaming up with Alexa is an exciting example of our focus on new media and looking for innovative ways to connect kids with engaging, educational content. The You Choose experience on Alexa will be a highly immersive, interactive one, empowering kids in a very entertaining way and offering endless opportunities for repeat play,” said Tom Ahern, Capstone CEO.

To start a You Choose Adventures experience, kids invoke Alexa with her name and a key phrase to open a title, and then listen for prompts in the story to vocalize their choices. For example, a user says, “Alexa, play space exploration” to start their adventure. Each You Choose Adventures story includes: dramatic character interactions, multiple story outcomes, professional voice actors, sound effects, and music for an engaging, interactive audio experience. All 50 stories are available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and can be accessed via FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa and on Echo Dot Kids Edition. Twelve stories are available for all Alexa users. The 12 story categories represent the best in immersive, educational storytelling with an interactive, audio-only experience.

In 2019 and beyond, You Choose story bundles offer families educationally-minded content to get started playing with their new Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, or other Alexa enabled device, through Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. For instructions to enable You Choose stories or operate Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot Kids Edition, go to

As part of the initiative, Capstone collaborated with Earplay, the leading interactive audio platform and a partner with Alexa since 2016.

About Capstone

Capstone is a leading content creator for digital solutions, children’s books, literacy programs, and K–12 professional development resources. Capstone creates content and interactive experiences in a variety of digital, print, and blended media formats for school libraries, classrooms, and at home reading including the award-winning PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next research databases for elementary schools.

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